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BEST 2012 Mining, Construction & Industrial Equipment Company


HMD Nigeria - Heavy Machinery Dealership Ltd. won the “Best Mining, Construction & Industrial Equipment Company 2012” award during the African Governance & Corporate Leadership Awards ceremony held on August 25, 2012 at the Nixon Luxury Venue in Abuja and organized by the Institute for Government Research & Leadership Technology (IGRLT).


According to the IGRLT, HMD Nigeria has won the award for its exceptional services and leadership role in the construction industry. The parameters and performance indicators used for granting HMD Nigeria this award include: 



  • Outstanding mining and industrial equipment;
  • Excellent after-sales services;
  • Good time management and timeous service delivery;
  • Expertise in world-class engineering and construction equipment;
  • High-quality products, track record achievement and value creation;
  • Excellence in operations and corporate general performance;
  • Compliance with government regulatory laws and guidelines, among others.


Congratulations to all HMD team members on their ongoing success and remarkable achievements throughout the years; most importantly, many thanks to HMD clients for their support and loyalty.

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